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Birdsville, Queensland

Birdsville, Queensland

Experience the real Outback

The real outback… Welcome to Birdsville!

There is no question, Birdsville is remote (to say the least) and is an effort to get to regardless of your mode of transport. Birdsville is located on the border of Queensland and South Australia. In fact, Birdsville is closer to Adelaide than it is Brisbane! You can make your way to Birdsville via 4WD drive or camper van, bus (several tour and travel operators are available) or you can fly with Rex (Regional Express).

For a place that is so remote, there are actually several big events that occur annually:

  1. Big Red Base – this is Australia’s most remote major music festival set at the Big Red Dune 35km west of Birdsville on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert.
  2. Birdsville Races – come September crowds of over 6000 racegoers celebrate two days of quality outback racing and three great nights of live entertainment. This tradition has been happening since 1882!
  3. Big Red Run – is Australia’s first and only 250km multi day race (through the Simpson Desert).

There are more events, which you can check out at the Birdsville Caravan Park website.

Accommodation isn’t a varied as the events. You can either stay at the Caravan Park or at the Birdsville Hotel. During the events season, camping in certain locations is also available.

Food… well, you really only have two places to eat –

  1. The Birdsville Hotel – which serves a mean Steak Sandwich;
  2. The Birdsville Bakery – which is pretty much only open 6 months of the year, while events are on;

Be aware that it can get mighty hot out at Birdsville. In summer, the temperature can easily surpass 40 degrees during the day and remain at 30 degrees after 10pm. There have even been reported cases of thongs melting on the roads – it is that hot!  On the flip side, Birdsville can also get some decent rainfall which results in some pretty crazy flooding

The key message is to be aware of the extreme variations in the weather and to be prepared and not take any chances or risks. For a small town in the middle of no where, there are a lot of things to see and do and you will definitely not forget your trip to Birdsville!

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