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Goomeri, Queensland

Goomeri, Queensland

The Great Australian Pumpkin Roll

The Great Australian Pumpkin Roll

Roughly 250km and three hours drive North-West of Brisbane is Goomeri. The town doesn’t have any major exports and is not the home town of any big named celebrities but what it does have is an annual event that will send you orange (more orange than Donald Trumps spray tan)!

Each year in May, Goomeri hosts its annual Pumpkin Festival. On the last Sunday in May each year, the towns population explodes with thousands of people visiting the South Burnett region to get their slice of pumpkin fun. Everything and anything that you see and can buy is pumpkin related. The local streets are shut down to accommodate for stalls selling pumpkin pie, pumpkin liqueur and pumpkins for the famous hill rolling challenge (you get to personalise your pumpkin with a felt pen when you register it for the roll).

All puns aside, there are some serious prizes to be won on the day. But without a doubt, the highlight of the day is the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll – this is where you make your way to Policeman’s hill, wait your turn amongst literally thousands of like-minded punters and roll your pumpkin down the steep hill. In my experience it can one of two ways:

  1. Crash and burn as your pumpkin takes an immediate sharp turn into the gutter and explodes on impact; or
  2. Cruise all the way down the hill, bypassing all the debris of fallen pumpkins to make it to the field;

It’s a big drive but a day full of family-friendly fun. If you can make a weekend of it (which you will have to book in advance) then I recommend it as doing a return trip of nearly 6 hours is pretty taxing for anyone behind the wheel.

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