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Port Douglas, Queensland

Port Douglas, Queensland

Fantastic getaway up North

Welcome to Port Douglas!

Port Douglas is a gem of a place about an hour north of Cairns. If you’re lucky enough to drive, the route between Cairns and Port Douglas is beautiful! There are several service stops where you can pull over and take photos of the breath taking views – just make sure you keep your eyes on the road during the drive (it is easy to get distracted). If you are not driving then you can catch a shuttle bus with Port Douglas Bus for approximately AU$66 return or AU$38 one way.

Accommodation is plentiful during the off season however, during peak season it would be recommended to book ahead.¬†Choices for accommodation vary from backpackers, boutique bed and breakfast to 4-5 star hotels (there are at least 4 Mantra‘s!).

The places we really enjoyed eating and/or drinking at:

  1. The Little Larder – this place was by far our favourite for breakfast, dinner and cocktails! If there is a line up, definitely hang around – it’s worth the wait. They offer happy hour cocktails from around 4pm (check the time) which will save you some decent coin plus they are amazing! If they have¬†“Drunk Mussles” on the menu I highly recommend giving this super tasty dish a go!
  2. Reef Marina – get some fresh prawns, a pot of beer and watch George the Groper get fed! If you want to see George you’ll need to get there a bit early as he usually draws a crowd (hence my suggestion of prawn and beers) and some luck as George doesn’t always show up!

Some of the recommended things to see and do:

  1. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas – with signs warning you about jellyfish, crocodiles and general hazards, what’s there not to love about this beach? In all seriousness, there isn’t much of a choice in beaches and this one is really close to town and is good for a dip. Plus, you can head up to the look out which is pretty amazing.
  2. 4 Mile Beach Lookout – it’s a bit of a hike up the hill but the view is spectacular! Don’t forget your camera.
  3. Cane Toad Racing, Iron Bar – every night from 8pm, you can watch the best toads in Queensland race it out for their chance in glory!
  4. Palm Cove – Between Port Douglas and Cairns in Palm Cove. Take some time to see how the rich and famous live. Consider double-mortgaging your house and stay for lunch. The place is a little pricey (some say excessively) but it’s a nice place to stop in and visit during your travels.

Port Douglas is a brilliant place to sneak away to for a few days and is highly recommended.

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